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AMDI staff used to work as STTA/ Local for USAID, UNDP, WB, TACIS, EBRD and other donors.

Among AMDI’s most recent and current ones are the following operations:

AMDI staff members served as a key team while creating a Grain Warehouse Documents System under the EBRD/ USAID Project “GWHR Implementation in Ukraine” and the Institute is continuing the system expansion in Moldova, and holds negotiations on its introduction in Georgia.

The Institute is implementing the USAID Project “Agrarian Policy and Regulatory Reform in Ukraine”. AMDI specialists are engaged in legislation drafting and implementation, tax and subsidies system reforms associated with Ukraine’s accession to the WTO, standards harmonization, restructuring of the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences and deregulation issues.

AMDI is also providing policy advice on agricultural sector development and the regulatory reform agenda and anti-corruption measures to the governments of Ukraine and Moldova, and is working on issues of the Black Sea Basin agricultural markets integration according to the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine addressing the request of the Government of Moldova.

The Institute employees have been also involved in MCC threshold draft action plan preparation.

AMDI works on a contract basis with the Ukrainian Ministry of Agrarian Policy and the Academy of Agrarian Sciences on harmonization of the Ukrainian system of standards on food safety, grain industry, livestock industry, as well as data and information processing systems with the European and international ones.

AMDI has started its work on establishing national branches of international associations. The Institute has already obtained the approval of the World Association of Animal Production (WAAP), European Association of Animal Production (EAAP), the Direction of International Congress on Animal Reproduction (ICAR), and International Bull Evaluation Service (Interbull).

AMDI develops and implements E-registers, IT technologies, computer systems and networks, as well as conducts R&D on advanced and energy saving technologies.

The Agrarian Markets Development Institute guarantees a high quality of its performance, meeting agreed deadlines and results, as well as the full compliance with client’s reporting requirements.

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